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Outgrowing QuickBooks?

Is it time to graduate from QuickBooks?

Companies evaluating whether QuickBooks is still meeting their needs typically ask these questions:

  • Does QuickBooks have all the functionality and control we need today? How about a year from now?
  • Can we provide our management team and board the information they need in a timely fashion?
  • Are our auditors concerned about our financial controls or security?
  • Does our team spend significant time outside of QuickBooks, using paper or Excel spreadsheets?
  • How much would we save if we could automate our financial processes and eliminate manual processing?
  • Can QuickBooks handle our multi-entity and multi-currency requirements?
  • Have we been able to integrate QuickBooks with our other key business systems?
  • Can our team work remotely? Can we access our financials and do approvals from anywhere?
  • How are we doing handling backup and recovery? What would data loss cost our business?


Is it time for Business Process Analysis and Design?

Business Process Analysis and Design.

Considering business process analysis and definition?

By analyzing the detailed flow, it is possible to identify areas that need improvements. Process maps enhance production and business efficiencies.

Problem Solving

Process maps make inefficiencies in the work flow obvious. Those inefficiencies commonly come to light before completing the map. By creating and tracking paths on a flow chart, you see where problems and delays occur. Creating maps forces you to break processes into smaller components which makes it easier to clearly identify problems.

Decision Making

Your team will see the most important steps as you create the process map. It allows you to focus improvements and corrections on critical areas. Once you've mapped the process you will be able to see steps that can be combined, eliminated or automated. Sometimes, you gain efficiency simply by rearranging steps.

The Big Picture

Taking the time to map a process shows the big picture both to you and your team. Employees may have no idea what happens downstream in the workflow or how his work affects others later in the process.  Someone who's never seen a visualization of her part of the overall process may have clearer ideas on improving it. When team members can question each other about why something is done in a particular way, improvements often follow.

Ultimate Benefits

The mapping exercise helps identify best practices within the organization. Once they're identified they can be repeated in other departments for added success. The process map also facilitates training new employees. It is a snapshot of how things work in your organization and is a great reference tool. Quality and efficiency always increase when you map a process.